Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Trip to Door County plus an ambulance ride

The last few days we spent in Door County camping at a waterpark with my sister, Bryan and Jacob. We managed to pack all our stuff for the trip in the back of the Jetta. We had a great time the first day spending most of it in the pool.
This was our first trip to Door County so the next day we were going to play tourist and see the sites. We started at a orchard, which is very popular there. We sampled many things in the store and then were getting ready to head to Fish Creek to the State Park.
As we were getting in the car Jenna was stung by a hornet or wasp. She normally swells alot when she has gotten stung in the past so I gave her liquid beydryl and we continued to Fish Creek. On the way she said her feet itched which I thought was strange so I turned around to check on her and saw the scariest thing I had ever seen before. She was white, and covered head to toe in hives. Panic! We stopped the car and I ran to the nearest store and called 911. The fire department arrived a few minutes later and the ambulance about 5 minutes after that. They gave her an epi pen right away and checked her vitals, her breathing was not affected, thankfully. They could not get an iv started and then decided to take her to the nearest hospital which was 23 miles away. The hospital staff was waiting for us when we arrived they gave her another shot of epinephrine and finally got the iv started with Benydyl and a steroid. She was responding well to the 2nd dose for about a half hour, but then her hives came back. So, they had to give her a 3rd dose. Her blood pressure and heart rate increased after this. She was very sleepy. She responded to the 3rd dose and they released us from the ER.
The whole thing took about 6 hours. The longest 6 hours I had spent as a mom. It was so hard to watch and be completely not able to help her, make her better right away, watch her in pain, and not now what was going to happen next. She was so strong. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen. I am scared for her to go outside now the wasp and hornets have been horrible this year.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer of 2012

We have sure enjoyed our summer. Here are some highlights. 
The kids enjoyed playing tball and soccer this summer. 

 Dylan loves his fishing pole. He has learned to cast great.

We had our forth Denkins Family Reunion. The theme this year was Holidays. We trick or treated, Santa and Mrs. Claus visited, Thanksgiving dinner and an Easter egg hunt.
We spent lots of time out on the waters of Lake Michigan in our new boat. It is a 27 foot boat. We took a couple shorter journey's to Rodgers Park before we headed to Beaver Island.

Happy Birthday USA! We celebrated the 4th with parades, picnics, and fireworks on the water. 

Baby #4 continues to grow. Can't wait to meet her in November. 

 Beaver Island Trip: Fun included sleeping in the harbor, a snake hike, exploring the island, and relaxing time on the beach.

 Happy 10 years! We got married 10 years ago. Where does the time go ?