Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Loving Spring

Spring looks like it is finally coming! I am so excited for the kids to be able to go out and play. We have started to see some animals returning, including a skunk. I started hanging clothes on the line again which is great! The valleys are starting to have mini rivers flowing. Today the kids and I even started working on some yard work.
Dustin was in Boston last week for work and then he enjoyed a couple days off. He is happy to be home.
For St. Patrick's day I made a traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner. It was very tasty!
Baby #3 is getting bigger all the time- only 9 weeks to go. I can't wait to hold the little guy.
I have started to work on Jenna's birthday party - a butterfly theme.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Wintertime Update from the Denkins Family

It's finally March. We have enjoyed spending most weekends outside playing in the snow. Dustin has done some recent "mods" to his snowmobile which he is enjoying. The Denkins Family spent a day playing at the Thunder Bowl. The kids have been enoying building forts and snow angles, our most recent addition was a snow dinosaur.

We have had a couple of great parties, including a New Years Party, Super Bowl, and Valentine's. We have a great time with the kids.

We are enjoying more sunny days and the house is performing great. We often are able to turn off the heat turn the day and rely on the sun. We recently got back to working on the house- we need to put more sinks in as well as lots of shelfs.

Derek is getting taller. He loves his dinosaurs and joe-guys. He can count to 5 in Spanish.

Jenna is starting to put three words together "up daddy please", loves her dolls, and follows Derek everywhere. She is definatly a daddy's girl.

Baby #3 is due in 11 weeks! We are getting very excited. I am feeling rather large but enjoying feeling the baby kicking around.

Dustin is starting a new team at work and is going to Boston for a few days this month.