Friday, November 23, 2012

Daddy's Notes "Have a Baby"


11am: walk 4 miles, go fishing.with kids

1-nap time

2-feeling like a baby will be born soon. Hips hurt from the walking.

3-drop the kids at grandpa's, lets go. "feels like 500lbs of pressure on my bottom"

4-stop by Jakes on the way north. Jill recognizes she will have long painful contractions before tomorow.

5-stop so dustin can have dinner @ border grill. Stairs are a challenge.

6 -walk around target for an hour. Contractions stronger. Still leaking. Hard to walk through contractions

7- get some coffee. Starting to breath through contractions.  Hot, cold, hot, cold, etc. sit in car

8-drive around, still in car. Contractions 50sec long, every 3 to 4 minutes

9-walking around walmart.

10- sit in car, drive around

11- go to hospital, a "4" on the pain chart.

12-dialated to 2cm, 50%effaced. Painful contractions. Starting to cry.

1am-try to get IV failed, painfully,

2am- IV successful, tired jill, little nap, back hurts, wants to walk

3am- took a stroll, sat on ball. "i really hurt! I cant do this. Have the doctor check me-NOW!"

3:30-dustin go to eat

4am- dr visit. 4cm dialated, 70% effaced. Jill "i don't want to do this anymore". Considering petosin to speed up labor. Statol to help with pain.

5am- given both drugs. Nap time

6am- contractions, standing up, grabbing butt.

7am- "I have to push" =everybody was suprised and scrambling around in a hurry. 

7:05am- jayda elizabeth denkins born

Welcome Jayda Elizabeth

November 12, 2012-  Happy Birth Day Jayda Elizabeth. 

We are thrilled to announcement the birth of our newest family member. On Monday November 12, 2012 at 7:05 am Jayda Elizabeth was born at Marquette General Hospital.

Mommy's Story : 
 The story begins the week before when I went to the hospital with high blood pressure. They kept me overnight and thought it would be a good idea to induce me being our forth baby and that I was 39 weeks. Needless to say you weren't ready to meet us yet and the induction did not work, and we came home to let mommy rest. 
In the early morning of November 11, 2012 my water broke, but I was not having any contractions so Dustin got some sleep. I was feeling pretty good and knew walking helped bring on labor and contractions in the past so we walked, and walked and walked, took the kids fishing at the neighbors pond and walked some more. Signs of labor looked like they were picking up so I finished packing up the stuff for the hospital and took a little nap while Dustin cooked the kids lunch. My hips hurt from walking so far. I wanted to get Marquette so we dropped the kids off at Grandpa James and headed to Marquette. Still not wanting to go to the hospital, Dustin stopped by Border Grill for dinner. We then stopped by Target for some more walking. By this point my contractions are stronger and I am leaking more fluid. Dustin got some coffee in preparation for a long night. We drove around Marquette, sat in the car, drove around, sat in the car, contractions every 3-4 minutes 50 seconds long (becoming more miserable). Finally decided it was time to go to the hospital as it was getting late at this point (11:00 pm). I rated my pain at a "4". I was disappointed to find I was only 2 cm and 50% effaced, exactly what I had been the previous week. The doctor wanted to get an IV started (worst part of the whole thing- super painful- really worse than the actual delivery). The next couple hours included walking, crying,  "I'm just so tired", walking, sitting on the birthing ball, crying, "I'm just so tired". At 3:00 am I am exhausted and ready for this to be over. The doctor comes in at 4:00 to check me again and I am 4 cm and 70% effaced. I am pretty much done and need a break. The doctor was concerned with the amount of time it had been since my water had broken and also wanted to speed things up. I also got a dose of Stadol. I was able to take a nap until about 6:00 am. Dustin was tired and ready to meet his baby girl at this point too. He gave me the boost of energy and confidence I was lacking. I knew if I stood up and let gravity work I would hopefully progress faster then laying in bed. This was challenging being hooked to all the monitors and with the IV.  The contractions then started to be on top of one another when I returned from the bathroom. The nurse really thought I should get back in bed but I wanted none of that as I knew I was progressing pretty fast. At this point the rest of my water broke, I was dripping sweat, and I was ready to push while still standing up. The nurses again tried to get me back in bed, of which I climbed on the bed on all fours as it was more comfortable then being on my back.We had been there at this point 10 hours but everyone was surprised when I announced I was ready to push. Dr. Dehlin had just come in to check and see how much progress I was making and to make a plan to see how to speed labor along.  After a quick check, she could see baby's head and I was ready to push. I was still on all fours backwards to the doctors, so they convinced me it would be easier if I turned around. I pushed though 2 or 3 contractions and birthed a beautiful baby girl. Truly the most awesome feeling in the world. She was so tiny when they put her on my chest. 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes- so blessed!  
The rest of the day we enjoyed visits from Grandma Grace, Grandpa James and Dylan (a very excited boy to be a big brother), Grandma Cindy, Grandpa John and mommy's friend Jen. Mommy and Jayda were able to rest while daddy went to the new James Bond movie. The hospital was very busy so we had to move to another room (closet). Poor Dustin had to sleep in one very uncomfortable bed (chair). Jayda went to the nursery for the night and got hearing screening done. In the morning we were ready to go home but the doctors and nurses were very busy so we weren't able to leave until around 2:00. We had to go to Target, the grocery store, and got some Rice Paddy for dinner. We arrived home at around 7:00 pm for Jayda to meet her brothers and sister.