Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Part 2

 July started out with beach days and strawberry picking at James and Grace's. We had a warm week of weather but the rest of the summer has been cool. It was dry early on and then we got a couple huge storms which brought alot of rain.

 The Kiddie Parade Float for 2013 was a Mexican Fiesta. Jacob joined the kids this year for the first time. 

The Dacklin Family Reunion was a fun filled busy weekend. We started with a Packer Tour in Green Bay, continued to my dad's cousin's winery in Fayette, the pines park for games, and then Indian Lake State Park. We had relatives from all over the country and 3 from Sweden attended. 

Goal Complete- Run a 5K

Every year I say I want to run a 5K, and it doesn't happen. This year the race happened to be on my 30th Birthday. Perfect. I trained (a little), ran the driveway with the hills, and was ready. My goal was to complete the race. Dustin and Jayda joined me too. I not only completed it but ran most of the race. Awesome to complete my goal.