Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Note to Self: Keep Blog Updated and More

Notes to Self:
#1. Each month I say I am going to blog more. I love to go back and read the previous years blog. Therefore, it's a new month and I am going to yet again try to blog more.
#2. Print Pictures; Scrapbook them, hang them up, or frame them. Sitting in a box is not a good location.

Family Photo

#3. Enjoy Summer Bonefires: We had our first bonfire of the year at home tonight : It's November 1st.

#4. Clean the house. Enough Said.

#5. Blog More. Until Tomorrow.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

June Memories

We spent the weekend in Wisconsin with the Denkins Family at Dustin's cousin graduation party. We also got to see our nephew Jacob and go to other cousins Baby Shower.

The kids attended the British Soccer Camp. Derek and Jenna had a great time and enjoyed the week. They both improved over the week as well. They are learning to run with the ball.
We attended the MREA Energy Fair and the Michigan Energy Fair with Suburb Solar. Two very busy weekends which we learned a lot about the industry. 

After what seems like years we were finally able to spend a week camping. We went to Mowe Lake. We had a relaxing time enjoying the lake and spending time with the family and friends. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

May Recap from the Denkins

Big Changes at the Denkins this month. After nine years with IBM as a software engineer Dustin began working for Suburb Solar full time. We are very excited. 
We took a weekend vacation to Minnesota to an Green Energy Festival. We had a fun trip, a little long in the car. It is always great to see and feed off the energy of others. 
Derek and Jenna are playing Tball in Cooks. It is so funny to watch them. Jenna always has a smile on her face and Derek wants to hit the ball out of the park. 
 We celebrated Dylan's 2nd Birthday. He is so much fun. He knows what he wants and it is very hard to change his mind. He loves to  give kisses in the morning. 

Derek graduated from Kindergarten. The graduation was so cute. They all wore caps and gowns. He looks so grown up.  

Dustin and I did a little more traveling as well. I went to a conference on Mackinac Island for Strategic Alliance for health group that helps out with the farmers market. A educational and relaxing trip. Dustin attended the National Solar Conference in North Carolina. 

The weather has been wet and lower the average. Summer looks like it has finally arrived. We have yet to put the garden in with the weather and lack of time. The apple blossoms and lilacs are in plenty. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring 2011

Welcome Spring! 

Today we had a fabulous day with the kids outside hiking. The great outdoor brings out the best in them. We had no fighting or tears along the trail. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area. We visited 6 lakes today, cook lunch over the camp fire, saw loons and swans, and tried to catch some fish.
The weather for April was very cool. We still had the wood stove going here this week. It has been very windy the last couple of days but has been in the 50's.
Dustin starting tomorrow is going to be working full time at Suburb Solar, our new startup. After 9 years at IBM he was ready for a change. We are looking forward to the upcoming changes.
Note to self: Blog more. I love to go back to read what happened last year at this time.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Wonderland Week of Project

Another fun week of projects. The kids seem to love making "snow" scream the best. 

Recipe for "Snow" Scream. 

1 Large Bowl of Clean Fluffy Snow 
1/2 Cup Sugar 
1-2 Cups of Milk 
Vanilla to Taste 


Project #1 Footprint Penguins
Project #2 Snowflake Pretzels 
Project #3 Personalized Snowmen 


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Bye 2010 Hello 2011

Happy New Year!  I had good intentions of a recap of 2010 before it ended and now the month of January is coming to an end.

2010 Review

January brought a time of change to our house. Dustin headed back to Michigan Tech to finish his Master's Degree.  We enjoyed weekends of sledding and family fun.

We purchased a new car in February for the weekly commute to Houghton. We attended Winter Carnival and battled a few rounds of a stomach viruses. 
We enjoyed an early Spring with all of the snow gone in the middle of March. The kids enjoyed being able to be outside without snow suits and being all bundled up. We created masterpieces, learned about science, and watched the earth come to life. 

We had Easter dinner at our house with many friends and family. Dustin won 1st prize in the Michigan Tech Business Plan competition for Suburb Solar. Buzz Buzz. Miss. Jenna turns 3 and we have a bumble bee birthday party.  

May brought seeds and dirt with the planting of the garden. Happy 1st Birthday to Dylan. We celebrated with an underwater adventure. Dustin and Jill hiked at Sleeping Bear Dunes for a weekend getaway. 


Family Reunions, Pow Wows, Soccer Camp, and Indian Lake Swimming. A quick month with so many fun activities.

Happy Birthday USA! We visited the waterfall in Munising. It was a fabulous year for picking blueberries. The kids took swim lesson at the Y in Escanaba. We celebrated our 8th anniversary as husband and wife.

Summer days of fun. Running in the sprinkler, going to the lake, and eating ice cream. Jill helped start a farmers market in Manistique. We enjoyed a family trip to Chicago. After attended the UP State Fair and the Corn Roast was now complete.

Derek's 1st Day of Kindergarten. Dustin played in a golf tournament and went back for his last semester at MTU. We took a beautiful hike up north.

Boo! Happy Halloween. Jill started a new moms group called Mom2Mom. We cut and stacks our firewood for winter- 5 cord. Derek turned 5. 

The leaves have been raked and the days are getting shorter. We had our first snow fall over Thanksgiving weekend. Dustin went to Hermansville for a guys weekend. We had a fun family night out of bowling and pizza. Julie, Jill's sister is having a baby in February so Jill helped host her baby shower, She's going to Pop theme.

Dustin graduated from Michigan Tech with his Master's in Business Administration. Celebrated the holidays with our families. 

We had a great 2010. Here's to a better 2011. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011