Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Jayda

One year ago our family grew by one. This little girl has brought us so much joy. She can make a smile on anyone's face. She's a cutie that's for sure. Her brothers and sister can't wait to wake her up in the morning so they can play. She's a daddy's little girl. She has an easygoing personality like Dustin too. She started walking around 10 months and hasn't looked back. She loves to give kisses. We has 10 teeth. 

My wish for you is to find happiness and love in life. Love, mom 

Happy 8th Birthday Derek

8 is great. We had a great time at Derek's mad scientist party.  We made even made volcanos. Dustin was working up in Baraga so we had his party in the conference room where we were staying. 
All about Derek
Age : 8
Favorite Thing to Do: Age of Empires (a computer game)
Recently Learned : Ride his bike 
Favorite Food: Nacho Cheese Doritos 
Loves: Baby Sister Jayda