Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beautiful Day !

The sun is out, and the weather is warming up! YEAH! The kids are enjoying playing outside. Easter was lots of fun with the kids. It looked like Christmas with all the toys they received. We were able to spend time with family which is always my favorite part of the holidays.
I am looking forward to not being pregnant! 33 more days, yes I am counting. The baby still moves a ton and sleeping is getting to be a big challenge. The baby stuff is washed and ready.
Derek has an ear infection but hopefully is on the mend. We are trying to decide what we are going to do for school next year with him. I am leaning more towards keeping him home another year. He is only 3!
In other news, I am getting a new part time job. I am going to be working a couple hours a week at our local post office.
Jenn and Alex came to visit this week. It sure would be nice if they were closer.

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