Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The day I forgot to read the meter

The days are getting longer and it's almost 2010. With the new year comes new goals and resolutions. Plant a bigger garden, chickens, finish some projects on our to-do list, make more spend less are topping our list. Our goal to be more self sufficient is stronger than ever.

Our home is designed well, no special bells and whistle screaming "I'm Off-Grid, please use the power wisely", I sometimes forget there is not an endless supply of power without the generator, on cloudy days. This normally is not a problem, just plan your days accordingly and there shouldn't be an issue. Unless you don't read the meter and then there is a problem. Our Tri-Meteric meter is located in the kitchen for easy accessibility.

3 AH Laptop
5 AH Pump
5 AH Lights
40 AH Dehumidifier
50 AH Vaccum Cleaner
2 AH Internet
30 AH Washing Machine

Total - 140 AH

1 Hour of this type of useage is equal to a full days power consumption.

Lesson learned Use the meter.

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