Friday, April 23, 2010

This week at our house

The trees are beginning to have a beautiful change of color to them this week. The allergies are high and we have found a couple ticks and the tent worms have reappeared. We ate rhubarb from Grandma Helen's this week, which was very delicious.
Dylan is now taking lots of steps daily. He is busy all the time. Jenna and Derek have been enjoying playing outside. I have not done too many crafty projects this month and it is hard to keep up with menu planning when Dustin is gone.
This week was the last week of aqua fitness. I really enjoyed getting back in the pool and getting some exercise as well.
Dustin had exciting news this week. He won the business plan competition at Michigan Tech. We are all very excited to get the new business started.
I did a presentation for the Great Start Parent Organization for Earth Day.
After a month of not taking many pictures because my camera's shutter was held open with tape. I finally bought a new one, a Canon Powershot. It seems to be taking good pictures so far.

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