Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

9:30 pm. first break of the day. The kids were great today though so it made it not incredibly horrid. Derek climbed up a tree tonight to get the tent worms, Jenna is in love with her new Barbie and Dylan smile could change someones mood instantly.

We really enjoyed Dustin's break from school last. He said it seemed like he was home for a month. It was so nice to plan a menu for the week and have help putting the kids to bed. Something Dustin is much better at than I am.

Derek only has 4 days of Pre-K left. We are still debating the best choice for him next year. It is such a hard choice. Today, I did a little research regarding the cut offs by state. In only 7 of the 50 states he would be going to school next year. The trouble is there would be other options.

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