Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to School at the Denkins

The first part of September has flew by. We enjoyed one last swim in Lake Michigan over Labor Day weekend. The days now are getting shorter. It is hard to believe last month we were outside at this time. The weather has been about 60 degrees and very rainy. We had a frost on Wednesday morning, Sept. 15th. 
First Day of Kindergarten Big Bay de Noc 

The biggest news is Derek started Kindergarten. He woke up the first morning ready to go. Derek is adjusting well to school. He quickly found out why everyone enjoys  Saturday and Sunday so much.   Today, he had his first Spelling test! 

Life at home is very quiet with the two youngest. Jenna enjoys playing with her toys. We have been practicing writing her name.  Dylan loved to paint with pudding this week at playgroup. 

Dustin and I played golf on Sunday. This was the first time I had played this year. We started out the round great. Dustin had pared the first two holes. Then came the third hole and things took a "hit" for the worst. We were about 200 yards out and I hit the ball. The shot was horrible, I am still unsure how I even hit it "that bad". Needless to say Dustin was 6 feet in front of me on the cart and the ball hit into the side of his neck. It is very sore still. He is never going to let me live this one down. 


Freely Living Life said...

Thanks for the update! =)

Sounds like you all are enjoying life and the kids are getting so big! First spelling test?! Oh wow - that is a big deal! Such a big boy! =)


Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

I know! It's amazing how things really cool down around there. My family has a cottage on Lake Michigan and we were there at the end of August for a week. It was hot!! Now my dad says it is cool all the time. Loved the pic of your baby running by the water! Too cute.