Monday, June 6, 2011

May Recap from the Denkins

Big Changes at the Denkins this month. After nine years with IBM as a software engineer Dustin began working for Suburb Solar full time. We are very excited. 
We took a weekend vacation to Minnesota to an Green Energy Festival. We had a fun trip, a little long in the car. It is always great to see and feed off the energy of others. 
Derek and Jenna are playing Tball in Cooks. It is so funny to watch them. Jenna always has a smile on her face and Derek wants to hit the ball out of the park. 
 We celebrated Dylan's 2nd Birthday. He is so much fun. He knows what he wants and it is very hard to change his mind. He loves to  give kisses in the morning. 

Derek graduated from Kindergarten. The graduation was so cute. They all wore caps and gowns. He looks so grown up.  

Dustin and I did a little more traveling as well. I went to a conference on Mackinac Island for Strategic Alliance for health group that helps out with the farmers market. A educational and relaxing trip. Dustin attended the National Solar Conference in North Carolina. 

The weather has been wet and lower the average. Summer looks like it has finally arrived. We have yet to put the garden in with the weather and lack of time. The apple blossoms and lilacs are in plenty. 

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