Friday, November 23, 2012

Daddy's Notes "Have a Baby"


11am: walk 4 miles, go fishing.with kids

1-nap time

2-feeling like a baby will be born soon. Hips hurt from the walking.

3-drop the kids at grandpa's, lets go. "feels like 500lbs of pressure on my bottom"

4-stop by Jakes on the way north. Jill recognizes she will have long painful contractions before tomorow.

5-stop so dustin can have dinner @ border grill. Stairs are a challenge.

6 -walk around target for an hour. Contractions stronger. Still leaking. Hard to walk through contractions

7- get some coffee. Starting to breath through contractions.  Hot, cold, hot, cold, etc. sit in car

8-drive around, still in car. Contractions 50sec long, every 3 to 4 minutes

9-walking around walmart.

10- sit in car, drive around

11- go to hospital, a "4" on the pain chart.

12-dialated to 2cm, 50%effaced. Painful contractions. Starting to cry.

1am-try to get IV failed, painfully,

2am- IV successful, tired jill, little nap, back hurts, wants to walk

3am- took a stroll, sat on ball. "i really hurt! I cant do this. Have the doctor check me-NOW!"

3:30-dustin go to eat

4am- dr visit. 4cm dialated, 70% effaced. Jill "i don't want to do this anymore". Considering petosin to speed up labor. Statol to help with pain.

5am- given both drugs. Nap time

6am- contractions, standing up, grabbing butt.

7am- "I have to push" =everybody was suprised and scrambling around in a hurry. 

7:05am- jayda elizabeth denkins born

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