Monday, August 3, 2009

2 Months of Updates!

I sure am behind on updating the blog. We sure must be enjoying our summer.

A quick recap:
Jill started her new job at the USPS (The Post Office). It is a great job and an opportunity I could not pass up. Dustin's keeping busy with his job too.
We planted the garden. We decided to go back to raised beds which we had in Marquette. We mulched between the rows to keep the weeding to a minimum. It is growing well. We have eaten lettuce and radishes so far. Peas should be ready this week.
Dustin turned 29 (Time to start thinking about his 30th Birthday Party :-)
Jill turned 26. For some reason I am beginning to feel old. Maybe it's the 3 kids but 26 just seems old. We also attended Jason and LeeAnne's little guys birthday in Petoskey one weekend.
Summer Fun:

We took a camping trip (One of our goals this summer) on Lake Michigan. We had a wonderful time. We even went swimming in June. We had a wonderful 4th of July as well. Lots of fun activities including a pancake bar, for breakfast. We played a round of golf as well which was a blast and something we hadn't done in years. We attended the orchestra in Manistique.
The Kids:
Dylan is getting so big! He is 11 weeks old and such a blessing. He sleeps through the night and is starting to coo and laughs out loud.
Derek is enjoying being able to be outside, picking bugs, fruits, and even dinosaur bones. He is starting to get excited about school.
Jenna tags along with Derek outside and is learning to count. We are still working on Potty Training.
Picking Fruit:
Jill went and picked strawberries at a local farm, the berries were pretty small. We have went blueberry picking a couple times. The kids love to go too. Derek is a great picker and Jenna is a great eater.
The raspberries are amazing this year. We have 60 quarts of berries put up in the freezer. I have to start making some jam.
Grace and Michelle went and picked cherries so I was able to make 8 pounds of cherry pie filling as well.
Denkins' Family Camping Trip:
16 members of the Denkins Family took a bike ride (motorized) camping on the Indian River. They had a wonderful time, minus the rain and bugs at night.

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