Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Plan- Week of August 31st

Another week of meals. Menu planning is going really well. I don't fret about what I am going to cook at 5:00 and dinner is normally ready early.

Dinner Menu
Monday: BLT's
Tuesday: BBQ Ribs, Potato Salad, and Corn
Wednesday: Spinach Lasagna
Thursday: Grilled Whitefish with Avocado and Cherry Tomato Salsa
Friday: Grill Out Night

Garden News:
We had a super heavy frost this morning. Some of the plants are looking pretty sad.


Lisa said...

Oh no! A heavy frost already?! I lived in the middle of the mitten for 15 years but not sure where Cooks is? I'm guessing the UP because one of your meals is whitefish. (YUM!)

Green Heart said...

Yes, It was amazing cold last night. Cooks is outside of Manistique, about 45 minutes from Escanaba in the UP.