Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Family Trip 2010

Top 10 Great Memories from Chicago 

1. Spending time as a family. It was wonderful to spend the day enjoying each other and not worrying about all the other jobs around the house. 
2. The Kids Questions. One of my favorite questions was when we got to Chicago, Derek asked "Is this the real Chicago?"
3. Being in the City. After spending almost 7 years in the UP, I always find it a nice treat to be in the city. Dustin's great at city driving, so traffic was not a concern. 
4. The Attractions. We visited the Museum of Science and Industry, the Shedd Aquarium, and Adler Planetarium.  My favorite was the Shedd Aquarium. The kids loved each of them. The hands on exhibit at the museum and the planetarium were wonderful. 
5. New Experience for the Kids. The highlights included a taxi ride and seeing skyscrapers, as well as parking underground. Jenna thought that was really neat. 
6. Reading. I finished a complete novel. It was lovely not to have to do the dishes after a fun filled day and enjoy a book instead. 
7. Shopping. Trader Joes and Ikea. My husband is super. He spent 3 hours lost in Ikea with the kids. 
8. Safe and Happy Travels. Overall the kids did great on the 7 hour drive. 
9.  Eating out. Not having to cook was a nice little break from the normal routine. 
10. Memories to last a lifetime. 

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